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Hotel Le Morgane is located at the entrance of the village center just outside of the pedestrianized area.  We parked the car in a private lot behind the hotel – which was very convenient.

Sue managed to find a good deal at this hotel.  We scored a superior room at the top floor with an oversized balcony, treatment at the spa and breakfasts.  They also have a Michelin 1-star restaurant.  We highly recommend the hotel especially when they are offering a package deal.

The decor is modern, unlike some of the other more traditional hotels in town. It is a Best Western Premier hotel.  While it lacks local character, it compensates with small luxuries, comfort and efficiency. It reminded us of Hotel Terra that we stayed at in Jackson, Wyoming.  Both hotels cater to active travelers who enjoy winter skiing or summer hike in the mountains.

Our bathroom is triangular in shape with a hexagonal bath tub.  The window opens to a view of the Arve (the main river following through town).

They provided Bogner branded toiletries (German clothings label, but never heard of their fragrances).

The view from our 5th floor terrace (or very big balcony) towards the entrance of the valley.

Low lying cloud in the valley, view towards the center of town.

The river was fast flowing so there was always the noise of rushing water –  it was kind of relaxing – we opened the window to sleep.  There were lots of casual eateries and shops around the hotel.
View of Glacier des Bossons just above town.

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  1. You need to try hotel Le Faucigny…
    Just renovated !

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