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On our way to Europa Park (see earlier post), we stopped by Colmar in Alsace for lunch.  We exited Switzerland via Basel and chose to drive on the French side of the Rhine – Colmar was a little less than three hours drive from Lausanne.  It is the Alsatian wine capital and with the Vosges mountains nearby, a top tourist destination. Apparently, it was the site of a hugh battle when the French and US armies pushed the Germans back across the Rhine (which is nearby) towards the end of WWII.

Colmar has an area known as the Petit Venice because of a series of canals that run through its medieval city center.

Many styles of architecture can be seen here, but one of the most eye-catching element is the timber frames that are exposed on the facade which is painted in various shades of pastels.

This one has modernized windows – a cool combination.

Quaint city center.

This is the Koïfhus (the old Customs House) which was built in 1400’s with the Maison des têtes in the background.

This is a market/warehouse on the canal which was used for transportation of goods.

The inside has been renovated – any one for foie gras ?

Saint Peter Church

We had lunch at one of the many outdoor restaurants in the city center.

My lunch was 6 escargots house style …

and Coquelet au Riesling, spätzle.

We are planning to visit Strasbourg in the near future, which is located further north after another hour or so driving.  Definitely, we will stop by Colmar again.


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