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After our visit to Dali’s theatre/museum in Figueras, we wandered next door to a new gallery showcasing his creations.  This gallery shows a collection of thirty-seven pieces of jewelry in gold and precious stones and twenty-seven drawings and paintings on paper that Salvador Dalí made in designing the jewels between 1941 and 1970.

Notice the clock face in the eyeball and the flock of birds forming a woman’s face (above). The same piece at a different angle (below)

I like Dali’s paintings but after a while, the novelty wears off and the magic fades a little.  But not with the jewelry he designed, I suspect, perhaps the bling makes a longer lasting impression.

Some of the pieces are motorized and move !  The middle portion of this heart-shaped piece rises and falls slowly but rhythmically.  A bit creepy actually.

The wings on the piece below flap slowly.

Gala (his muse, long time girlfriend) is featured above (back of her head) and below.

There is a face behind the giant piece of gem (below).

I guess only he can pull off these designs. Pearly whites !
More pieces from the exhibition in the next post.

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  1. I will make sure to not show my wife this blog! lol She for sure would love one of your pieces from this exhibition. 🙂

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