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La Chassarel is the highest point (1607m, 5272 ft) on the Northern Jura Mountains. On a clear day, it offers a justly famous panorama of the Swiss Alps across Lake Biel and Lake Neuchatel – a 3-star sight according to the Michelin green guide.

We visited La Chassarel in the summer when we were living in Peseux and this place is only about 1 hour away.  We approached the top from the north via St Imier (another watchmaking town in the area, Longines’s  factory is located there) and parked our car just next to the Hotel du Chassarel (they are open for a few months in the summer). On the way up, we passed by numerous cows spending their summer up the mountain.  I posted a short video of our drive up here earlier at – cowbell music.

In case you are wandering why the name of this mountain range sounds familiar, “Jura” was used to name a geologic period – “Jurassic” which in turn was used to name several movies – Jurassic Park.  More about the Jura Mountains here.

As you can see, it is a somewhat hazy day.  One cannot see the alps.  The visibility gets as far as the two lakes.  But the clouds above us are of the big fluffy kind and created patches of shadow on the slopes.

Perfect for hiking? More about this place in our next post.



  1. I’m happy happy to known that the Jura montains are famous all arround the world.
    It’s really a beautiful and quiet place and I’m lucky to live here !

  2. Nice photos Chris makes me want to go and see it myself

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