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Amsterdam is historically famous for its tulips and it is one of the major centers of horticulture (which explain in part why the conference I attended was held here).  To extend the plant theme of my visit, but with very little time, we briefly visited the flower market (Bloemenmarkt) and De hortus, the botanical garden (next post).

The flower market opened in 1862, floats on the Singel canal between Muntplein and Koningsplein. The row of windows on the right bank of the canal above is the back of the market.

Unbeatable varieties, freshness and prices !

Riots of color.

I have never seen those green/purple flowers (below) before – they look like those decorative cabbages/kale that are planted in the winter, except that these are bouquets.

Tulip bulbs are sold with a picture of the color of the flowers – wow, the famous Black Tulip !

Just imagine if the signs are misplaced or the bulbs are mixed up by accident. It would be a surprising mess for those who plant their garden by color. May be that is the reason why they put  these “Don’t touch” warning signs in five languages at the very front – perhaps the market owner is really worried about mixing, and not people dropping or damaging the bulbs. Or may be the oil on our fingers will stop the bulb from germination, I don’t know.

Roses are red …


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  1. Great photos! Amsterdam is so “easy” to photograph!…

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