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Wishing all viewers a prosperous year of the Dragon.

恭喜發財 身體健康 財源廣進 心想事成

Here are some pictures we took last year when we spent Chinese New Year in Hong Kong and Macau (where firecrackers are legal).  A highlight of the visit during Lunar New Year was the flower market in Victoria Park (福 posters below) – go here to read about the flowers and here about the street food at the market.

Feliz Ano Novo Lunar – Kung Hei Fat Choi.

Lantern installation in front of the Ruins of St Paul (Ruínas de São Paulo, 大三巴牌坊)

Decoration in a mall in Hong Kong.  The more elaborate decorations we saw were in the Macau casino hotels, for example, see my earlier post on the MGM Grand and Lion dance.

For the first time, I had a haircut just before the new year. To cut one’s hair is an old-fashioned new year tradition advocated in the almanac. In my case, it happened by chance because my barber was fully booked the week before, I was not even thinking about it. With divine intervention, this must mean good luck for the new year.

We are off to Las Vegas this year in a week’s time. I hear the city and hotels put on quite a show for the Chinese folks (many of them enjoy gambling) at this time. Come back in a few weeks to see the photos.

This is coincidentally my 280th post  … 2 (easy) and 8 (fortune) are good numbers … now I must try my luck in Vegas.


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  1. Colourful pics, looking forward to the Vegas ones. Good luck with the casinos 🙂

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