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My cousin J is the proud owner of these three sets of miniatures of Hong Kong cuisines. Since I have been posting pictures of real food here for a long time (for example, 2M* dim sum lunch), how about some plastic food for a change.

Dim sum, first.

They are all placed in a display case – there was nothing to indicate the scale unfortunately. Unlike those displayed in thw windows of Japanese restaurants which are life size (or even bigger to impress potential customers) – trust me, these are indeed very small.  Of course, the dim sum cart and the girl are not made to the same scale as the dim sum.

Other than the teacups, the bamboo baskets are most convincing.

Traditional banquet – 11 main course dishes, 1 dessert, 1 plate of oranges. Notice the folded napkins. Details everywhere.

The menu written in cursive chinese is impressively miniaturized and it is legible. You can use it to figure out the dishes.

The roast pork and roast chicken look a bit burnt.

Hong Kong-style cafe. Afternoon snack menus.

Check out real examples of these casual dishes at a congee and noodle shop that we visited in 2011.

Breakfast menu. The clay pot rice with pork chop and fried egg is obviously misplaced.

Ok. People, you must think I have nothing better to post.

I am getting hungry …


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