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Quebec city, Canada – a short trip taken over the weekend before Christmas 2011.

By the time I arrived in Quebec city, it was quite late. The Jean Lesage airport is far given the small size of the city. It snowed the day before and it was freezing that evening. This castle-like building is the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, my room was on the 11th floor of the taller building inside.

St Lawrence river and the port area.  The hotel sits on a bluff overlooking this area. It is apparently designated a United Nations World Heritage Site.

 There is a funiculaire that goes down to the port. Ignore the “ouvert” sign, as it was not.

Across the park from the hotel is a row of restaurants.Port  museum.

Côte de la Fabrique –  on my way to the main shopping street – Rue Saint Jean.

I wandered down this street (Rue Saint Louis) to find a restaurant recommended by the hotel concierge for solo diner – Conti Caffe. I ate at the bar, interesting but busy decor, food not bad, friendly staff.

Back to the hotel.

Back inside the toasty hotel interior. May be because it is winter, the room rate of this hotel is less than what one will imagine a chateau like this one would charge.

Daytime views of Quebec – see next post.


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  1. Wow! just wow!

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