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When I came back from vacation in Southern California (19C), I was shocked by the 28C difference – apparently Switzerland just had a cold snap (-9C).  Under such circumstance and after the post about hotpot/fondue for winter, I have to say something about the warmer season.

This past summer we got ourselves a BBQ.  We have a bit of outdoor space so this is perfect.  Apparently, among the Europeans, the Swiss are really into BBQ.  It was very easy to find the equipment – from disposable stove made from an aluminum foil tray to small charcoal grill for BBQ afficiandos, and even SUV-sized stainless steel gas cooking stations like those in the US.

Never owned a Weber while in the States. They are common here but much more expensive (like everything else). After I bought this unit, I later found a model that has electronic ignition and a thermometer in the lid which would really be useful. Should have gone to Hornbach (the Home Depot equivalent in Switzerland) first !

Propane gas was brought from a gas station. There were lots of discussions in expat forums about whether it is safe to import a unit from the US or Europe as all are confused about the fitting of the valve, etc.

This is the last time this grill looks so perfectly clean. My only complain about this product is the grilling surface which comes as a single piece.  Don’t get me wrong, it is beautifully machined.  But it is heavy and it would not fit into the sink.  A lot of moves are needed when cleaning it. I would prefer if they provided two pieces which can placed adjacent to each other to form the surface, and can be washed separately.

The fact that the Swiss loves BBQ is evidenced by the marinated packs of meats on sale in the supermarket.  The marinate is brown, tastes rather salty with a hint of spices but not sweet.  After a few times, I am bored with the flavor.

One of our favorite is chicken wings – prepared with LKK soy chicken mariante to which I added extra ginger, mirin, star anise and some honey. It is really great when the wings are freshly grilled, the skin puffs up and the meat is moist.  Another favorite is grilled olive oil-drenched skinny asparagus which were slightly crunchy when they come off the grill. Yummy.


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