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This post is about something we did two years ago.  So before all the new cars on show become old news …

We went to see the annual 80th International Motor Show (80e Salon International de l’Auto) at Geneva’s Palexpo on the second but last day in March 2010.  We were stuck in traffic outside Geneva for almost an hour – all because of the show.  We detoured into town, parked at the rail station, and took the train to Palexpo.  I was given two tickets (courtesy of a Porsche dealership) so entrance was free.

Interesting door ?

It was crowded – in fact,  I have never seen so many people in one place in Switzerland.  It feels bigger than the New York Motor Show, and velvet ropes were everywhere.  VIPs get to sit inside and pose with the cars.

The show involved every thing that had to do with cars but it was also catered to the auto industry and not just to the fan boys. There were lots of mechanical, paint, garage, and accessories exhibitors, including custom car makers. Shiny fancy concept model cars and more.  It must be heaven for a car enthusiasist.




Masaereti – we see this model somewhat frequently on the street.

We went to the show before we bought our car. The show actually inspired us to buy our current car.  It is however not any one of the above (I wish). Nor the one below.

More pictures of cars including this year’s (82e) are at the official web site. The place where we bought our car (unfortunately not a Porsche dealership) sent us two tickets – our car is almost two years old – they figure we might be in the market for a new car ? We have not decided whether to go or not. The show starts on March 8.


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