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I have been to Vegas a number of times and stayed at the strip every time.  In search of something different, we decided to find a hotel that is off the strip and has the feel of a resort. We found Red Rock Station. The above photo is not mine but borrowed from the hotel’s web site.

It is miles from the strip and located at the very edge of the city.  All the rooms on one side of the building command a direct view of the Red Rock Canyon. Our room window frames a perfect view of the canyon. Rooms on the other side of the hotel have a view of the city.

The pools were lit at night but the water was too cold to swim in (even during the day). But I can imagine the scene here in the summer.

How often does one watch TV in the bathtub ? The decor is modern.

But the minibar is too modern – we were warned by the little card –

“Items that are removed for longer than 45 seconds will be charged directly to your guest account.

Placing other items in the mini-bar may also incur other charges to your account”.

 The items are either tagged electronically (RFID?) or there is a weighing platform underneath. What if I don’t read English ? 45 seconds !

The deco of the steak house is overdone in my view –  the yellow stripy floor-to-ceiling backdrop looks rather alien.

The main entrance is rather dramatic due to the red glass doors.

Of course, the hotel has a big casino, albeit a lot quieter than those on the strip. The last time I was in Vegas, there were hardly any penny machines. Now they all are, with the difference being that one can now bet on up 15 to 20 lines per play using 1 to 10 or more credits (pennies).  In other words, you can bet as little as one penny and up to several bucks per play, it is very flexible but even more confusing (how does it matter anyway?).

Palm trees are a must in these parts of the world.

We had a nice stay – spa treatment was quite expensive. Overall, Red Rock Station is recommendable.


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