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The Wynn casino hotel in Las Vegas has one of the most visually rich interior environment. This bar – Parasol Down – is a fantastically colored space – feels fun, somewhat luxurious, and without being (too) garish.

If you look up from the bar, you will see the multicolor parasols.  In fact, most visitors will see these parasols when they are coming down a curved escalator.

Parasol Down faces a terrace (where they have an outdoor cafe), a small lake, and a large grey slab of stone on which a sheet of water slides down quietly. The contrast of the somewhat monochromatic exterior with the technicolor interior is stunning.

To us, the pièce de resistance in the casino hotel is the floral design created with mosaic tiles set in the marble floor, which are scattered around the public areas. Wynn’s fields of flowers.

The color scheme was apparently inspired by Henri Matisse’s paintings.

Each tile was cut to fit and the mosaics are constantly being maintained and the tiles replaced by a small dedicated team.

There is an article about the mosaic florals in the Wynn’s newsletter – The Glass Menagerie.

A signature style of this chain of hotels.

It was fun walking around to discover new patterns.

Amazingly bright, uncompromisingly bold, incredibly cheerful, and joyously playful.

Matching floral designs also appear in their carpets throughout the public areas. See the carpet in Parasol Down.

The red lanterns for the Lunar New Year festivities “blended” in with the rest of the brightly colored hanging decorations.

I bet they can use the same glass tiles and create a sea-creature themed design.

Colors are some things that most of us take for granted. The richness here makes me feel bad for my friends and others who are color-blind.



  1. Love the colours. The umbrellas remind me of the decoration in the bar in the Nairobi Serena 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing the photos. Love them!

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