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The Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan International Furniture Exhibition) was open to the public this weekend. We planned a whirlwind one-day visit with our friend Z – who bought us rail tickets and even arranged to meet people for lunch in Milan.

When we were at the train station this morning, we discovered that the Italian railway workers decided to call a 24-hour strike. Strike (Grève in French), our luck! Although the Swiss rail (SBB) was running normally, we were warned of delays.  In fact, we think there is a risk that we will be stranded there with no hotel (all were booked because of the Exhibition).  So we did the hard thing, we canceled – disappointed but managed to get our money back. Sigh. We will try again next year.

Every year the Exhibition organizer  – Cosmit designs a poster (manifesto) for the event. Here are some of my favorites.

The Exhibition first started on September 24, 1961 and ran for a whole week.

Judging by the name on the poster in 1966, in the early years the exhibition is not yet international.

Psychedelic 60’s.

In the 70’s.


Celebrating 20 years of success and becoming international.

In the 80’s. By the way, what is it that is shown in the poster?

In the 90’s.


In the new millenium, and moving to the then new location at the fairgrounds at Rho.

Also started using the new logo (sometime in the 2000’s).

This year’s poster is rather unimaginative.

Many more manifestos are downloadable from Cosmit’s press area.


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