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While I was visiting Quebec city last year, I spotted this rather interesting collection of porte couteau or knife rest. I have used many chopstick rests, but never knife rest before, and probably never would until I saw these.

On an impulse, I bought six of them.

They remind me a bit of the play pieces used in Monopoly, the board game. As kids, we used to fight over who gets to use certain piece (cannot remember which one now).

They are made of pewter and feel solid and heavy. I guess the Dachshund  is the only animal which is represented somewhat realistically.

Now that I am home and regretting not getting more of them. There was also a pig, goat, lynx, wolf, and a fish which stands with its pectoral fins … I vaguely remember.

Well, I just found the maker’s web site – Atelier Bernard Chaudron, and the whole range is available online. Now I wonder if there are fork rests. If you are over here for dinner, remind me to use them (as knife rest or chopstick rest) – and you get to choose first.


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