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Just came back from vacation. We are feeling lazy and don’t want to write much.

So here are some fruits, vegetables and nuts!

They were taken in a supermarket in LA.

The display (what display?) is just the opposite of Whole Foods where everything is neatly stacked into perfectly balanced pyramids. In this market, there are just piles of stuff.

It is not a wholesale market.

Haven’t lived in the US for a while, so we don’t know the prices of groceries. It is probably cheaper than your regular supermarket.

The US is truly the land of plenty.

This is Sue’s favorite melons (when they are sweet).

You people probably think that we are crazy – taking all these pictures. Film is cheap nowadays.

POM source

Not from Georgia. Likely from California.

Lassi anyone ?

Alright, gotta go. Ciao.

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