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As mentioned in the last post, we were the guests of a broadcaster of the Champions League Final in Munich. We were so excited.

Go back to the post and see us holding the cup !

The game started with the usual fanfare, which we normally ignore when watching the game on TV. The two finalists are Bayern Munich and Chelsea. The fans of the home team was on our left.

Chelsea was on our right. The Munich fans won the visual display of support with better props and more fans participating than the other side.

Flares in the Munich camp. The smoke was choking when it reached us.

Munich scored first at the 83rd minutes by Thomas Mueller.

Chelsea fought back and scored at the 88th minute by Didier Drogba. So near the end … , it is destiny.

The unthinkable happened to the home team – they lost the championship game. Chelsea beat Bayern Munich 4-3 on penalties.

The Munich players were paralyzed on the ground with the pain of losing while the workers brought out the podium for the winners. Notice the line of policeman facing the Chelesa fans preventing from rushing into the field.

The winners posed for the world’s press.

The Allianz Arena (known as the Fußball Arena München during UEFA-organised games) looked stunning at night, just what a giant flying saucer from the 60’s would look like. It is normally entirely red or blue. The home team supporters left quietly.

Back to the Champions Village for more food, drinks and entertainment, I imagined the parties would be a lot more energetic and celebratory had the home team won.

A beautiful game in a beautiful stadium. For more info on the match and clips of it, go to the UEFA site here.

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