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Time flies.  Lausanne has been our home for the last two years.  In the summer of 2010, we left our temporary corporate housing in Peseux and moved into this apartment. Here are some links to our past posts documenting the journey from the US:

Moving out of Edgewater in 2010

Temporary housing in Peseux

Moving to Lausanne

Our first impression of Lausanne

When we first moved here, our street was a complete mess. A huge block of modern apartments was under construction down the street. The traffic was choking as our street is the only way for tour buses to access some hotels in a pedestrian-only area. This is what the street looked like two years ago:

Now the apartments are finished and they finally re-paved the sidewalk. At the other end of the street, however, the Lausanne city opera is building an extension which will be finished later this year. Finally, the place will not look like a construction war zone and there will be less dust in the house.

One of the attractive features of this place is a semi-private garden/courtyard where we can do outdoor grilling. Even if it rains, we can retreat into the covered porch and continue cooking.

See the post about Grilling at home.  Yes, our pine tree is slanted we noticed too.

For several weeks a year in early summer, a patch of lavender sends a nice scent into our living room.

Today (July 15) is our second anniversary living in this apartment. We are quite happy calling this place home, the apartment is spacious and its location is convenient. We have a spare bedroom and bathroom, and some of you have already visited. Many of you have an open invitation, so come see us soon.

For those who need some persuasion, my friend YS kindly sent us this link to a very flattering description of Lausanne and nearby sights from the New York Times:
Following Dickens Through Switzerland



  1. I thought you lived in Neuchatel!

    • We were in Neuchatel for about 5 months and moved to Lausanne 2 years ago. I work in Neuchatel.

  2. how time flies. Three years away from US.

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