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Just watched the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. What a blast!

We came back from London after spending 8 days there to watch the games. Below are some snapshots of the games we saw. Later posts will go into more details including some videos.

This is the first time we traveled to see the Olympics games. Initially, we only had tickets to see two Olympics events: Badminton and Volleyball. In the end, we managed to see a few more events.

Badminton, mixed doubles, China v China, final.

Volleyball women, Serbia v Turkey.

Table tennis, men, team, Austria v Germany.

Boxing, women, Brazil v China.

Weightlifting, women, Russia (she broke the world record here).

Handball, women, Spain v Croatia.

Track cycling, men, 250m sprint.

Usain Bolt’s 100 m sprint, after his victory lap.

Hockey, men, India v Belgium.

Diving, women, 3m springboard, final.

We thought the games were very successfully run and had a very memorable time in London, albeit rather exhausting after running from one venue to another.


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