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Stanfords on Long Acre, Covent Garden is one of my (Chris) favourite shops in London.

The shop has been at that same location when I was a student in London in the 80’s. It seems to have expanded as it now has a coffee shop.

I like this shop because 1) completeness in geographic coverage and 2) the range of travel-related merchandise offered. Apparently, they can sell freshly-printed maps.  Stanford sells also online !

Before Google Earth, I used to ask my globe-trotting friends to bring me a local map from far-flung locations. With this shop, I can just order it.

Maps of African countries from Algeria to Zimbabwe. South Africa has its own section.

Maps of Middle East and Central Asia, from Azerbaijan to Yemen.

Maps of Eastern Europe.

Maps of South Asia featuring detailed maps for exploring the Himalayas, including specialist maps for Annapurna paragliding, the Tibetan monastery circuit trail, and the Karakoram Highway!

Maps of the Americas – from the Andes to Yucatan. Canada and US have their own sections.

Ordnance survey (Britain’s national mapping agency) maps of Britain at various scales.

Sailing maps for the seas around the UK, the Meditterranean and the Carribean – from the Thames estuary to Antigua.

Cycling maps – a must for the Tour de France ?

A to Z is a popular brand of British city street maps – I had the London A to Z from way back – apparently they cover other parts of the UK too. London has its own section.

Of course, they sell globes of all sizes too.

French maps including city plans.

The shop uses several gigantic maps as floor covering.  This map covers the area around Greenwich of London, presumably chosen for its location being at the prime meridian,  zero longitude.

This one on another floor shows the Himalayas but I cannot find Mt. Everest or any landmark that I have heard of.

Not only do they sell maps, they carry a small number of travel-related books, not just guide books but travelogues as well as cookbooks. They also have a large collection of European literature classics.

They also sell flags.

These are old maps but they are sold as gift wrapping paper.

Another one of my favourite shops in London is Waterstone’s flagship academic bookstore at Gower Street near my old school.  It is still there and I managed to stop by; but it is just a book store.

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  1. There is something wonderfully tantalising about a good map! Love the gift wrapping and floor coverings 🙂

    These are the sort of shops that make somewhere special, quirky and different 🙂

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