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To follow where we went and where these pictures were taken, use this map of Madeira. Recap: the main city is Funchal where we were staying on the south side of the island (see post on our hotel). In an earlier post, we had pictures of Pico de Ariero, one of the peaks in the middle of the island. Our bus took us from the peak to Santana on the north shore and continued along the shoreline to Sao Vicente (see last post).

In this post, we are posting pictures taken on the way from Sao Vicente to Porto Moniz located at the north western tip of the island. Most of Sao Vicente is hidden in the valley just behind the beach near where the main north-south cross-island thoroughfare ends.

We continued heading west towards Porto Moniz at the northwestern tip of the island in the bright yellow bus from Windsor Tours.

We stopped at another view point near Seixal. The city was visible in the background.

A waterfall splashes directly into the ocean. The old cliff side road is still visible. We used a 2-lane highway-tunnel to get through this area.

Near Seixal on the northern coast of Madeira.

Rocks and cliffs. In case you are wandering, the green bars in the sky were reflections of the interior lights (not to be confused with the birds) – many of the photos shown here were shot on a moving bus.

It must be so scenic to sail around these rocks and look at them at sea level.

Porto Moniz.

This was the turnaround point where we began to head back to the other side of the island.

Porto Moniz is famous for its natural swimming pool. Too bad we did not have time to jump in.

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