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As the end of 2012 is drawing close, we look back to some of the places we visited this year. Let’s start with those that were outside of Switzerland. We will follow up with a second post of the trips we made in 2012 within Switzerland. Click to jump to the posts – there are usually a series of posts per locations, so go back and forth on the blog.

In January, we were in Southern California and made a side trip to Las Vegas.


2012-3 Vegas


Chris crossed the lake to visit Evian in March.


In May, we saw the Champions League Final in Munich and spent a week in Vienna.

Allianz stadium, Munich


Belvedere, Vienna


I(Chris) had to leave Vienna early to attend a meeting in New York and spent Memorial Day in the city with friends.

Third Avenue, looking downtown


We stayed for a long weekend in Annecy, France in June (the posts will be up soon).


In August, we were in Dorset, the South of England and then saw the Olympics in London.


London 2012.

rings on thames-1

In October, I (Chris) was in Boston for a business meeting.


Also in October was A and F’s wedding in Madeira which we attended.


On our way back from Madeira, we spent a few hours at Lisbon’s aquarium.


In early December, we changed our mind about going to Freiburg (Germany) to see the Christmas market but went to Lyon for the Fête des Lumières instead.


So this is Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013.


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