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In addition to making trips “abroad” in 2012, I(Chris) did a bit of travel within Switzerland as well. In March, I visited Winterthur (near Zurich) and attended the Electron festival in Geneva. Click the links to see the corresponding blog post.

Winterthur’s photo museum (not yet posted on the blog)


Geneva’s MAMCO (Musee d’Art Moderne et Contemporaine) during the Electron Festival


Chateau Chillon near Montreux in Spring.


I was in Martigny in April to visit the St. Bernard kennel and museum, as well as the Fondation Pierre Giannada.


Fondation Pierre Gianadda has a beautiful garden full of modern art, a vintage car collection – I will post some of the pictures here soon.


Chagall pavilion in the foundation’s garden.


I visited the Tinguely museum in Basel, early summer (not yet posted).


Lutry on Lac Leman, which is 15 minutes drive from us, late summer.


A friend’s apartment in Lausanne with a view of Evian across Lac Leman.


Lausanne’s Cathedral lit up during the Fête de la Cité


Since my office in Neuchatel is 70 km away from home, my commute can be considered a “trip” especially when the view from my window looks like this on certain days.


Let’s see where we will go in 2013 …


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