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During the four days of Festival of Lights in Lyon, there were 62 listed shows or exhibits scattered around the city. We spent the weekend of December 8-9 in Lyon (see earlier post here).

Many of the buildings were lit up, some had projected static images, and a few played moving video clips. Théâtre des Célestins was the site of a show called “Lumieres Archipicturales” which was based on the idea of an artist working on the facade as if it is a painting.


Here is a short segment of the animated show with music. My fingers were frozen towards the end.

This video is about a minute long but the entire show is about 5 minutes.


The show was being repeated continuously so there was a constant flow of people.


Our friend F who went to school in Lyon wanted to see this particular exhibit despite the crowds.


The small garden with a fountain in front of the theater was packed with people.

celestines-3When we first got into the square, the show had already started. After the show was over, we moved into a better viewing position and saw the show again.




In a nearby area, we saw the Corazon (Heart) at the Place de la Bourse.


The bars of light on the heart change with the sound of a heartbeat.


This is Rue de la Republique which is one of the main streets for shopping that runs through the city.




  1. So pretty!

  2. some beautiful pictures – puts the light show on the Titanic exhibition in Belfast to shame 🙂

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