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We spent the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 in Thailand.  It was our first time in Thailand and we were eager to try everything. So, there are lots of images and stories to share. Our first stop was Chiang Mai in the north, then we went to Bangkok, and then south to the island of Samui.

I(Chris) thought it might be fun to present some of the following photos in pairs. Although the two pictures were taken at different times or places, there is a common theme.

Our rooms with views

From our balcony at Hansar resort, Hat Bophut, Ko Samui


From our balcony at Marriot, office buildings in Silom, Bangkok


Elephants, in Thailand, are working animals as well as religious and cultural symbols.

Maetaman elephant camp, near Chiang Mai


Erawan museum, Samut Prackan, near Bangkok


Noodle soups

This little jungle of greens arrived after we ordered just two bowls of pho.


Our taxi driver took us to this restaurant which specializes in Northern Thai curry noodles. We were the only non-locals. 300 bahts (about US$10) for 2 appetizers, 4 noodles and soft drinks.



At a cafe in the artsy Nimmahaemin area, just outside the old city, Chiang Mai


One of many gilded murals depicting the Ramakian in the Grand Palace, Bangkok


Foot massage to suit all budgets

Rarinjinda spa, Chiang Mai


Outside a temple in the evening of December 30, a street of Chiang Mai. Head, neck, back, shoulder and foot massages were on offer.



The shop at the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC), 7th floor of the Emporium in Sukhumvit, Bangkok


Anusan night market, Night Bazzar, Chiang Mai



We flew from Geneva to Paris, then overnight from Paris to Bangkok. Then we were to catch a domestic flight to Chiang Mai within a two-hour window. Unfortunately our flight was slightly delay in France and we missed our scheduled domestic Bangkok Airways flight. So we waited at the Suvarnabhumi international airport, signed up at these counters as stand-by passengers and waited around for our names to be called. It was very stressful as the departure area was packed (bags and babies), after all it was the last Saturday of the year, December 29. My sister, I.T., was to join us in Chiang Mai from Hong Kong but she found us waiting at the airport. We eventually caught a flight about 5 hours later.


Bangkok’s notorious traffic jam, as far as the eye can see, near Sathorn

Thailand-11Part 2 will be posted soon.


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