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Before we finish our run of photos of Thailand, here is another set of paired snapshots from Thailand.  The idea is that the paired snapshots, while taken at different occasions, share a common theme. Part 1 is here.

Recap: two weeks in Thailand at the end of 2012, from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and then Ko Samui.

Views from the stern of our boats

Speedboat tour, Ang Thong Marine National Park (see our posts here and here)


Chao Phraya tour, River city, Bangkok


Sunnyside Ups

Breakfast buffet at H-bistro, Ko Samui  (see our post on Hansar resort)


Quail eggs – different degrees of doneness,  street market in Chiang Mai


Paint jobs

Nok air, with a fleet of  planes each decorated as a smiling cartoon bird.


Our taxi in Chiang Mai was “bullet-ridden”


Things on stick

Assorted mystery-meat balls and sausages in spicy sauce, Chiang Mai night market


Any idea of what this is ?


Herb balls for massage at the Asia Herb Association, Bangkok. They were stored under refrigeration to keep fresh and can be purchased for home use. They were used on our backs.

Dress codes

Hilariously practical sign outside the Grand Palace, Bangkok (see our post here).   According to the label below each of the figures, top row: sleeveless shirts, vest, short tops, see-through tops; bottom row: shorts, torn pants, tight pants, culottes and miniskirts are prohibited. Tourists can rent (even it says “borrow”) the appropriate attire – essentially giant shirts and baggy yoga pants – before being allowed to enter.


Moulin Rouge on Ko Samui – from “Brittney Spear” to “Madonna”, from “Lady Marmalade” to “In the Navy”.


Getting from A to B

Our tuk-tuk in Chiang Mai was equipped with fan for passengers, stereo system and black light.


Tourist “bus” service on Chao Phraya that run between about 12 numbered stops from Saphan Taksin to the Kao San Road area, Bangkok


Assemble-It-Yourself plastic lamp shades

They are very compact (when sold), practical, and colorful, but are really 3D jigsaw puzzles in disguise and an advanced degree in geometry may be needed to assemble them.


There are as many variants as there are stalls selling them in the night markets of Chiang Mai and Bangkok.



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  1. The quail eggs at different stages of cooking is an art form. My kids would love the food on sticks. Bullet ridden taxi cab is a horror. Lamp shade will be a great project for Lucas, he is into origami and anything that has to be put together e.g. legos and 3D puzzles.

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