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Here are some pictures of the other venues of the 2012 London Olympics located outside the main venue at Stratford. To recap briefly, we had a chance to see the 2012 summer games up close and here are our earlier posts: snapshots part 1, part 2International Broadcast Centerbadmintondiving, and track cycling.

olympics daytime-1

We were lucky to be able to use the official press bus to shuttle between the venues around London.

olympics daytime-9

We spotted this official BMW for Team GB parked with several others at a Thistle Hotel near Bayswater on the edge of Hyde Park. Someone important was staying there.

olympics daytime-10 Wembley Arena – where we saw the  badminton games.

olympics daytime-6

North Greenwich Arena – taken from somewhere near the Blackwall Tunnel on the official press bus which was a double decker.  We had a good vantage point.

olympics daytime-8

Near the entrance to the North Greenwich Arena.

olympics daytime-13

ExCel Halls from Connaught Bridge.

olympics daytime-14

The back of the ExCel Halls from near the Emirates Royal Docks.

olympics daytime-4

North end of the ExCel Center.

olympics daytime-11

A hotel located next to the ExCel Center.

olympics daytime-5

Aquatics Center – this building is actually inside the main venue.

olympics daytime-12

This is the athlete’s village condos which are being converted into residential units. The press had no access to the village during the games – notice the flags on the balconies.

olympics daytime-2

A giant tilted mirror that was mounted on a building inviting visitors to snap a picture of themselves in the Olympics games main venue. Can you spot us ?

olympics welcome-1


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  1. Just so you know, the team GB official BMW car is for general transportation use and allows running on the olympic lanes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be carrying someone important.

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