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The Foundation Pierre Gianadda was founded by Léonard Gianadda in memory of his younger brother Pierre, who was killed in an airplane crash in 1976.

fondation automobiles-1

Apart from the adjoining sculpture park (posted here), the heart of the Foundation is a space for art exhibition and musical performances as well as a museum of automobiles which is located underground.

fondation automobiles-2

According to the museum, all the cars in the collection are in working order.

fondation automobiles-3

Here are some of the oldest cars in the museum. The steering wheel used to be a little metal ring in the middle. Benz 1897.

fondation automobiles-5
Clement 1898

vintage cars-5

Jeanperrin 1899, French.

fondation automobiles-11

Oldsmobile from 1902

vintage cars-6

Berliet 1900

vintage cars-7

Relatively newer models. Limousine Landelet 1911

fondation automobiles-8

Ford Model T from 1912.

fondation automobiles-10Pic-Pic (Piccard & Pictet) was a Swiss automobile manufactured in Geneva from 1906 to 1921. According to this Wikipedia entry in French, there are only 8 in existence and three are in this place.

fondation automobiles-6

1929 Mercedes SS.

fondation automobiles-9


fondation automobiles-7


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  1. I got married in one of those.

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