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The French Open Tennis 2013 concluded today with Rafael Nadal winning the men’s final. Yesterday, Serena Williams beat Maria Sharapova to win the ladies’ final. Congratulations to both winning players who proved their longevity.


We had a chance to see the French Open in its first week (Day 4) and saw Serena Williams in her second round match at the main court  – Court Philippe Chatrier.

Roland Garros-16

Our tickets were for the Court Philippe Chatrier where four matches were scheduled to play starting at 11 am. Intermission between games. We saw an earlier men’s match (see later post) before Serena’s.

Roland Garros-18

When we arrived, the third match had already started and Serena’s match was the last of the day.

Roland Garros-17

Serena warming up.

Roland Garros-19

Serena of USA is ranked #1. Not much introduction about her is needed. Sue normally supports the underdog but she cheered for Serena there. Sue spotted a woman in the stand who we believed is Serena’s mom.

Roland Garros-25Serena’s opponent on the day was Caroline Garcia from France who is ranked #114 and only 19 years old!

Roland Garros-20

A short clip from the Roland-Garros site about Caroline Garcia:

This year was her third in the main draw at the French Open. Two years ago she reached the same stage and was good enough to take Maria Sharapova to three sets. She has also played twice at the Australian Open, although has yet to visit either Wimbledon or Flushing Meadows. Her best win came earlier this year in Paris (indoors) when she beat the former French Open champion Francesca Schiavone, who at the time of their match held a ranking of No.53.

Roland Garros-24

She put up a little fight against Serena and lost the match (1-6, 2-6), although the spectators were cheering for her. She was one of 11 French women in the draw.

Roland Garros-26After Caroline Garcia left the court, Serena spoke some French during the interview, much to the surprise and delight of the spectators. Serena won the French Open only once before in 2002.

Roland Garros-27These are some of the workers on the court. Ball girl.

Roland Garros-22

Ball boy.

Roland Garros-9They are the “ramasseurs de balles” which in English translates literally as “gatherers of balls”.

Roland Garros-10More about Roland-Garros in our next post.


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