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Mummelsee is one of the most visited lakes in the area since it lies directly on the Black Forest High Road (Schwarzwaldhochstraße, see earlier post). In fact, we did not know about it until we came upon it at lunch time.


The lake is 3.7 acres in size, 17 meters deep and is located at 1028.5 m above sea level. Spring came really late this year. The lake was still iced over during Easter and judging by some fresh footprints, someone made it across on foot.

Mummelsee-5The lake is bordered in the west, north and east by steep, wooded mountain slopes. It is a glacial cirque lake – I(Chris) have to mention it as I enjoyed geology while in high school.


Next to the lake on the almost flat south bank is a chapel and a small hotel – the Berghotel Mummelsee.

Mummelsee-6We had a hearty lunch at the Berghotel Mummelsee (by the way, berg means mountain and see means lake in German, = Mountain hotel Mummel lake).

Mummelsee-3The shop next to the hotel is a tourist trap for international tourists and Germans alike (judging by the language spoken). It sold every thing from stuffed dolls (witches, bears, etc), magnets, liquors (which Sue bought some), to local delicacies.

Mummelsee-4Dried smoked pork is a specialty and we bought some.  It tasted very smoky and was quite good with a soft cheese in a sandwich. Schmalz is one of the products sold with the dried meat. We did know what it was at first until they served us some at the restaurant. It is essentially rendered animal fat – a kind of clarified lard with spices added to it – commonly used by middle and eastern European  Jews.


The area is definitely worth exploring by hiking during the summer.


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