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We spent a week in Paris in the beginning of June.

Since there were a total of four of us, we decided to rent an apartment again – like what we did in Vienna and Barcelona in past years. This arrangement saved us money, gave us more room to move about. Apartments in Europe are always more cozy than a hotel.

petit pont-1

The apartment was located in the Latin Quarter, 5th arrondisement, near the Sorbonne on the left bank. 4th floor with an elevator.

petit pont-13

This apartment has several unusual features – the elevator opens directly into the apartment’s foyer – each floor is one apartment and we use a key to select the floor on which the elevator stops. We had seen these type lock-n-key operated elevators used in lofts, converted from warehouse, in Soho, New York.

Another oddity is the tri-level layout – top = sleeping loft + shower; middle = bedroom + toilet, bath + laundry machine + elevator, and then bottom = kitchen-living room – all connected by a wide marble(?) staircase.

petit pont-5

The surprise awaiting us at this apartment was the VIEW – Cathedrale de Notre Dame just across the little bridge (petit pont) over a narrow section of the Seine.

petit pont-11

At the time of finding an apartment, we were not looking for any view – all we were concerned was the number of bathrooms and a central convenient location.

petit pont-6Living Room

petit pont-10

Kitchen – small but fully equipped except it lacks a microwave. It had an American-size refrigerator (i.e., big, especially given the size of the kitchen) which is relatively rare on the continent.

petit pont-7

Bathroom 1

petit pont-4Another bathroom with shower and jacuzzi.

petit pont-9

The loft was used also for sleeping.

petit pont-8

The location cannot be any more convenient for a tourist. One of Paris’s famous landmarks is just outside.petit pont-12

The downside of this location is that we were surrounded by tourists, day and night – the bars and restaurants do not close till 2-3am in the morning. When these establishments close for the night, the patrons spill outside, many of whom are drunk and start singing or arguing on the street.

petit pont-2

During the week, we heard in the middle of the night two fights – groups of men and a few girls yelling at each other followed by the sound of breaking glass – no one seemed to be hurt I think. Suffice to say, we barely slept even after wearing earplugs found in airline convenience pack (Thanks to M).

petit pont-3While renting an apartment has many advantages, there was a ton of  details to manage – from coordinating with someone hired by the owner to pickup and drop off the keys, to paying a deposit and buying hose content insurance – all just for a week.



  1. I would like to know about this apartment and the agency that you used to book it. I am currently considering it for our upcoming stay in Paris but the reviews are hard to gauge and the reviews for the rental agency where I found it are atrocious. Are you able to give me any more info? It would be much appreciated!

    Shellie Walker

    • The agency is called Paris Attitude – you can find it easily online. The quality of the apartment is decent – the service is adequate. The split level and slanted ceiling upstairs may make the place feel a bit small. But it was fine for the 4 of us. Location is great if you do not mind the noise. Bon voyage.

  2. Thank you Chris for the speedy response and great info! The bed in the upstairs loft, is it a single sofa-style bed or is it two twins that can be separated? I am traveling with my husband and two singles who do not necessarily want to share a bed. 🙂

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