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This is our first visit of Paris after a long while. IT and MW had visited this city many times and knew it better than us. So we followed them.

Astier de Villatte is a lifestyle store on Rue Saint-Honoré not far from the Palais-Royal.


I(Chris) spent almost an hour in this shop while IT and MW were shopping. So I had plenty of time to befriend the store manager (she offered me a place to sit) and select my shots.


All the pieces are handmade, one of a kind flatware for everyday use – no mass production ceramics.

astier-5Their perfumed candles are named after places, like Quebec, Hong Kong, Aoyama, Oulan Bator … . I could not discern any aromatic connection between the scent and the locale (except Oulan Bator, I have been some of the places).


The signature ceramics, made of black terracotta clay, are extremely durable and yet surprisingly light.


The tableware collection is inspired by 18th and 19th century designs and is glazed to create a milky white finish – a bit like a pile of unfinished paint job.


Generally we like white flatware which shows off the color of the food. These pieces are all off-white. I think it would really go well with vegan or raw food.

astier-10With a ghostly and aged look, some of the pieces are quite surreal.

astier-6Metal cans ? No, they are ceramics.


These ceramic plates with wood grain could have been taken from a painting by Magritte.

astier-7The “de Chirico” ambiance of the back room matches the merchandises.


The company was founded by Benoît Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli, which produces ceramics, paper goods, perfumes, candles, furniture, silverware, and glassware. They are created in a Bastille workshop that used to house Napolean’s silversmith.

astier-12More mugs and jugs.


Here is the link to their funky online catalog. Worthy of a visit.


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