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Passage 53 is one of several restaurants that our local friends (D & C) made a reservation for the four of us for our week in Paris.

passage 53-1

The restaurant is quite difficult to find as it is hidden in the oldest arcade in Paris (Passage des Panoramas) among specialty shops that sell stamps and postcards. There will be a later post dedicated to them.

passage 53-15

The windows near the entrance were covered with a semi-translucent white material. Tables were barely visible from the outside. There were no menu or hours on the door – just a piece of white paper laser-printed with the price of the set lunch and dinner.

passage 53-2

The restaurant is just one long room, minimally decorated. We sat across from a very tight spiral staircase which led up to the kitchen and bathrooms. Apparently, that staircase dated back to the 1700’s and is a protected monument of the city.

passage 53-4

All the diners had the same food – whatever that was available under the Degustation Menu Surprise.

passage 53-7

The only option offered was whether we wanted to add a caviar course to the surprise menu. Yes, we added it.passage 53-3

The other option was the wine – we had a couple of Burgundy whites.

passage 53-6

Because there was no menu, we cannot named the dishes as we cannot remember what we ate. Except that every thing was delicious, particularly the green pea soup.

passage 53-5

The chef is Japanese, Shinichi Sato, apparently a Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux. He works with an all-Japanese kitchen staff and an all-French but English-friendly service.

passage 53-8

We lost count of how many dishes we had, at the time.

passage 53-9

It was a very satisfying dining experience.

passage 53-10

It was unanimous in that we all thought Passage 53 outperformed a Michelin 3-star restaurant we went the night before. Less expensive, better tasting food and ambiance.

passage 53-11

We did not know that it had received 2 Michelin stars Comfortable restaurant Excellent cooking, worth a detour  until just now when we looked them up online on viamichelin.

passage 53-12Dessert was similarly spectacular.

passage 53-13This is a restaurant that we would go back again.

passage 53-14= )


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  1. you just ate several art forms.

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