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Continuing with our cruise from Interlaken to Thun … after Merligen, the boat headed to the south shore.

On the south shore is the town of Spiez. Behind it are three mountains, each having a nick near the top (see photo below). They looked almost artificial ! I bet you can only see the alignment of the three gaps from the lake.  As I am writing this … an explanation came up.  Could they all be a path cut through the forest on the hiiltop (i.e., a fire lane) to prevent forest fire ?


Spiez is clearly a bigger town.


Next to Spiez on a headland are a few vineyards on a slope. Very pretty but not as pretty as Lavaux near us – a future post, promised.


Upon leaving Spiez, the cruise crossed the lake again to Gunten on the North shore.


Somewhere near the middle of the photo – you will see a grayish sloping straight line. It is the Sigriswil panoramic bridge –  a pedestrian bridge that crosses a valley. There must be quite a few sights –  both the bridge itself as well as the views.


Near the middle of the lake, a bunch of sail boats quietly slipped past us.


The rest of the stops are all on the north shore at picture perfect lakeside villages. Oberhofen is next – it has a cute little castle and what looked like a hotel by the lakefront.


Oberhofen pier.


Many of the stops are right next to hotels on the lakefront. The guests can stay there and drive/sail into Thun or Interlaken for dinner.


There is a magnificent house near the entrance of the Thun canal.


It is probably a hotel or museum as there were lots of public space, including a pier for mooring boats, and swans.


The Thun canal splits into two channels.


We took the left one.  The Thun canal is not as green as the canal on the Interlaken end. There is an industrial site for loading sand or rocks by the canal – very unsightly when it is so pristine every where. There is a park on the other bank – kind of compensating for it.


We spent about 2 hours in Thun and return by the same boat.


More photo on this boat crusie to come !

If you missed part 1, here it is again.



  1. Hi Chrisnsue,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, I am planning a holiday to Switzerland next year, and as we will be travelling by train while we are there, I need to know exactly what a SwissCard Travel Pass covers.

    As an addition, does it cover such things as the Schilthorn, tram travel in Bern, boat travel on Thunersee/Brienzersee etc, the Schynigge Platte, and any other cable car/funicular system such as Riggenbachfall Funicular?

    Thanks in advance.
    BTW great blogpost
    Lonnie Gibson

    • I am not using a SwissCard so have no idea what it covers. It is a safe bet that it covers the lake cruise. Many of the mountain railways are private and not covered, but you may get a discount.

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