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This is the third bookstore that I came across in my two-and-a half-day stay in São Paulo. This Livraria Cultura is situated in one of the more luxury shopping malls in town (Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton are its neighbors).

Livraria in mall-1

Like the shop they have in downtown on Avenida Paulista (see my post here), the entrance is unassuming. At the entrance level, they sell music and DVDs.

Livraria in mall-2

The mezzanine level, aptly named as the “Geek” department, sells comics, games and fan toys.

Livraria in mall-4

When the escalator reaches level “3”, I was brought into this one massive room.

Livraria in mall-5

It is a vast reading area with orange comfy chairs.

Livraria in mall-6

At one end there is a series of wooden “steps” that can serve as rows of seats – I imagine the space can host a performance or readings with an audience of more than 200 people.

Livraria in mall-8

If Apple is to start selling physical books, I can imagine them building a store like this one.

Livraria in mall-7

I spoke briefly with a shop keeper (in English) and apparently, the shop is barely a month old (I was there in October 2013).

Livraria in mall-9

Unfortunately most books are in Portuguese …

Livraria in mall-10

Unlike NYC, the existence of Amazon, Kindle and Nook did not seem to affect the brick-and-mortar bookstore in São Paulo. I did see people using e-readers but the physical bookstores appeared to be thriving.

Livraria in mall-11

It is a beautiful shop full of beautiful books in a beautiful mall. See the guards at the entrance ?

Livraria in mall-20

See the other Paulista bookstores here and here.

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  1. Wow! The entrance is massive. The inside of the bookshop is impressive too! I hope e-books will not replace physical books. The enjoyment is very different. Browsing in a bookstore is one of my favorite pastimes.

    The Eslite bookstore (the chain from taiwan) opened its first store in HK in August 2012. They have late night opening hours until 2am on fri & sat. There was a huge crowd in the first month with people lining up to enter the store (even though it is considered a big one in HK occupying 3 floors). It is good that people are exposed to so many different kind of books.

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