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We have not posted on the topic of advertising for quite a while. The last set of posts directed to the advertising of HSBC in airports worldwide has been a perennial favorite of this blog – if you are curious, you can find them here, here, and here.

Floralp is a Swiss brand of butter and their most recent campaign made us smile.

“Les fripons du beurre Floralp”


We saw this first at a bus shelter in Lausanne. Then we started noticing them at various locations – train stations, billboards, etc.


We call them the “butter bandit family”. The images are very endearing.


We saw Floralp’s previous campaign too, but in my (Chris) opinion, while it was cute, it lacked warmth and fun.



Some of these ads work as a sequence.

“Hamster se cache”


The ads were created by Leo Burnett Switzerland – you can see more of their work here.

“La Tartine”








We have bought Floralp’s butter from the supermarket (not because of their ads though). It is fine product.


Floralp is providing some of these images as wallpapers and screen savers on their web site – here.





  1. I love these ads. How creative!

  2. Very high quality ad posters! I think the ‘bread characters’ could be developed to make a very funny TV commercial too!

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