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The W Barcelona is located at the western end of Barcelona’s artificial beachfront. It is one of the taller buildings in the city and certainly the tallest and most recognizable in the downtown waterfront area. The architect, Ricardo Bofil, created a nearly 30-story tall building that is shaped like a sail.

W views-1

I had a room on the 20th floor where all these pictures were taken. Here are the views.

W views-2I have to say the beach is pretty ugly – the sand was rough and it just looked messy from atop. But given its proximity to downtown Barcelona, I am sure the city’s residents are not complaining.

W views-3

The beach starts from Port Olimpic, marked by Frank Gehry’s “Peix d’Or” sculpture (brown fish-shaped object in the middle of the photo below), and ends at the W.

W views-9

The Barceloneta boardwalk is located in the midsection of the beach. Torre Agbar in the background.

W views-8

Barceloneta is known for its boardwalk, nightclubs and numerous touristy restaurants.

W views-10

On the city side of the inlet, from left to right are Carrer del mar (an extension of La Rambla), Maremagnum mall and the city’s aquarium.

W views-4

The Carrer del mar (in the middle of the picture below) is the place where during our last visit we ran into a couple of scam artists (we did not fall for it) – read the post here.

W views-5

Torre Sant Sebastià is the terminus of the Port Vell Aerial Tramway; opened in 1931, it connects La Barceloneta with Montjuïc across Port Vell.

W views-6Apparently, there is a very good restaurant at the top of the tower.

W views-7

One of the tram stops is at the World Trade Center.

W views-11

Opposite the W on the city/harbor side is a dock full of monster yachts. Who owns these yachts ?

W views-12

At dusk.


Barcelona is one of the busiest cruise ship port of call in the Meditterranean.

W views-15The pool area of the W hotel is right next to the beach.

W views-14The 4-5 story long building with green glass on the left houses the headquarters of the Spanish casual fashion brand – Desigual – check out their super colorful website.

If you missed it, there is an earlier post about the interiors of the hotel.

If there is an ad below here, we have nothing to do with it.



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