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The all-time, most popular post on this blog is not a story or photos of our travels.  It is a post called “The Different Values of HSBC” which is about a series of advertising posters created for HSBC. It was posted on December 19, 2009. Take a look.

The posters were widely seen in airports around the world several years ago. As you will see, these three-panel ads come in two flavors:

  • same picture, three different words
  • same words, three different pictures

I(Chris) liked them a lot and put what I found online in a couple more posts. These three posts have become perennial favorites each receiving at least several hits per week. We even found a page on Pinterest about our blog with a bunch of pins on these posters.

See more of the posters at  – More different values of HSBC, and Even more different values of HSBC. They will make you smile.

In one of the posts, I said I will make some up myself. Here is my first attempt (without the iconic red border).


I am not sure if the vertical orientation works as well as the original horizontal arrangement. I also wonder if the original series, all about HSBC, influenced my choice of the photo (Citibank) and words in the panel. I hope to create some more in the future because once a good picture is found, it is fun to try out different words. After the picture is processed, Microsoft Power Point and a screen capturing tool were used to create them.

Here is the picture without any word. Have a go if you want. I would love to see what other “words” you choose.


You have permission to use the photo for non-profit purpose.

And last but not least, happy thanksgiving people.

If you see ads below here, they have nothing to do with us.


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