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Parque da Luz (or Jardim da Luz) is one of two big parks in the center of São Paulo. The other one – Ibirapuera – is much more famous for its design and the location of several cultural institutions.

parque da luz-1

I came here primarily because the Museum of the State of Sao Paulo (Pinacoteca do Estado) is located on its ground (see next post), and the old train station which is located across the street from it.


Also, it is one of the few tourist attractions that are easily accessible by public transportation through Estação Luz (Linha 1- Azul/ Linha 4 – Amarela).

parque da luz-3

The park was full of people at around noon (I tried really hard not to include them in these photos).parque da luz-2

It was a bright and cheery spring day – the park was lush and intensely green.

parque da luz-9

The bandstand in the park had been carefully restored.

parque da luz-12

There is a second pond in the park – this one is next to the Pinacoteca.

parque da luz-13

Originally created in 1798 as a botanical garden, the garden was transformed into a public park in 1938.

parque da luz-8However, during the late 20th century, it became a place known for prostitution and drug trafficking.

parque da luz-7When the Pinacoteca do Estado was restored, sculptures were installed in the park, and with generous police presence, the park was returned to its citizens as a place to relax among vegetations.

parque da luz-6As Sao Paulo is huge, being a patch of green in a jungle of concrete, the park is a resting place for many migrating forest birds.

parque da luz-5

Judging by the number of people using the park, I think this park really improved the quality of life in the neighboring urban areas.

parque da luz-11.



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