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Today is Friday, the 13th of December, 2013. We are not superstitious about the number.

13 part 1-3

13, Lawyers, Paris

We just happen to live at No. 13 on our street now. I(Chris) used to work at Room 1313 on the 13th floor in an office in Manhattan. Chris used the No: 13 bus regularly while living at No. 26 (13 twice) in London. We are starting to post these photos in the 13th year of the new millennium (ok, this one is a bit of a stretch).

13 part 1-1

13, Klangwandel, Zurich, Kreis 5

We do not feel unlucky or otherwise about “13”. I(Chris) am just curious of the other No: 13’s – how they look and what’s behind them. So I started taking photos of “13” wherever I see them in public, most of them are house numbers.

13 part 1-7

Bar 13, East 13th Street, NYC

13 part 1-6

13 Rue Sainte-Catherine, Paris

13 part 1-2

13, Vienna

13 part 1-5

The French Justice Department is located at 13 Place Vendôme in Paris.

13 part 1-4

13 Place Vendôme, Paris (Ministere de la Justice)

13 part 1-8

13, Chambéry

This is an ongoing collection, let’s see how many more No.13 I find. This is Part 1.



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