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* H A P P Y  *  N E W  *  Y E A R  *

W i s h i n g  – y o u – a l l – t h e – v e r y –  b e s t – i n – 2 0 1 4  ! !

As the end of 2013 is upon us, we are taking a look back at some of the places we visited. The places are organized in reverse chronological order and there is a part 2 to come tomorrow. Some of the trips are business trips and some are vacations.

Click on the link to jump to the posts – there are usually a series of related posts per location, they are uploaded around the same time – you can discover them easily in the calendar at the bottom of the post.

December 2013

We just came back from a cruise in the Caribbean sea on Celebrity’s Reflection. This was taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico – one of the ports of call. The pictures will be up here soon.

2013 review-1

The cruise started and ended in Miami – we spent a few days at the Epic Hotel, downtown Miami

2013 review-2

Barcelona, Spain in October 2013

2013 review-3

Sao Paulo, Brazil in October 2013

2013 review-6

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland in September 2013  (posts to come in 2014)

2013 review-4

Near Interlaken, September 2013

2013 review-5

Lavaux, Switzerland with VL in July 2013

2013 review-23Glacier 3000, Switzerland with YS – July 2013

2013 review-21

Lac Liosin, Switzerland with YS – July 2013

2013 review-19

Chambery, France with IT in July 2013

2013 review-20

There were 7 separate trips in this second half of 2013, and another 7 trips in the first half – see next post.


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  1. Switzerland looks stunning!

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