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More pictures from the cruise we took during winter 2013. Part 1 is here.

The Celebrity brand of cruise focus on food and services rather than parties or shopping. This is our ship – Reflection – in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


This is the ship’s main dining room.


This is one of the many stations in the self-service restaurant that was opened more or less around the clock.


Our cabin class provides an exclusive sit-down restaurant which serves permits unscheduled seating (unlike the main dining room which imposes a set time for dinner).


We liked the ambiance of the room – it has sea view. The food comes in smaller portions and in healthier form.


Supposedly, less cream and fat was used in the cooking.  Look at the English bacon which looks almost too lean and dry.

ship2-7Breakfast museli trolley – prepared to your liking by your table.

ship2-5The Celebrity ships are marked by a “X” on its chimney. There is a story behind it but I forgot.


These are some of the other huge cruise ships that we saw when we left Miami.

ship2-9Floating hotel/mini city if you consider the number of support staff onboard. I hear that our ship has an incinerator, a water desalination plant, and a diesel-powered electricity generator. What else ?

ship2-10This is another Celebrity ship – the Silhouette which belongs to the same class as our ship.

ship2-12Can cruise ship gets any bigger ? Is there a limit where they become unsafe, unattractive, or uneconomical ? Could there be something like a reverse Moore’s law here? (Moore’s law states that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every 18 months; here the number of rooms on a cruise ship increases by … X ?)


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  1. We love cruises. Been on Norwegian many times from NYC to Bermuda. So relaxing, do everything or do nothing.

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