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In January, a last minute business trip to NYC landed me this room in the Langham Place Hotel – a chain of hotels owned by a Chinese group, I think.


With a stovetop, I made tea every morning.


There was so much space which is rare in a NY hotel.


The bedroom was located in the southeast corner with views downtown.


Hidden behind a set of wardrobe-doors was a washer-dryer unit !  We did not have that in our old NY apartment.


A bright and shiny bathroom.


Lousy toiletries despite fancy fittings. The “Chuan” branded toiletries is named after the hotel chain’s spas.


Langham Place is located on 5th Av between 36th and 37th Street. Looking down onto 5th Ave from 20-something floor at around 5am (… jet lag).


Sunrise. Queens and Long Island direction. I was very lucky with the weather, being there when the temperature was unseasonably warm, missed the snowstorms altogether.

langham-11Chrysler building hiding behind some other midtown towers.

langham-10Langham Place is a block from the Empire State Building.

Looking south on 5th Av (downtown).

langham-13Empire State Building up close.


Overall, very pleasant stay. Attentive staff. Recommendable.



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