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This is Jungfrau Circuit #4 post.  Jungfraujoch is an under-mountain railway station where the mountain train terminates and one can take different routes to explore the area. The first post of the series is here.

For the 100-year anniversary of the Jungfrau Railway, a 250-metre long adventure tour called Alpine Sensation was inaugurated in 2012. It describes the development of tourism in the Alps and Adolf Guyer-Zeller’s great idea (see photo below) and extreme efforts required to construct the Jungfrau Railway. A short light show with shaking floors – it was quite amusing as we were not expecting it.

ice palace-1
There were indoor fast food and fine dining restaurants, and quite a few shops – especially watches -Tissot has a big presence here to show off its Touch series of watches which can measure altitude and atmospheric pressure among other geeky functions. I guess it could be fun to see the altitude number changes as one goes up/down the mountain.

Switzerland is famous for these two things – watches and cows.



This tour viewable on an escalator creates a direct connection from the Sphinx Hall to the Ice Palace –  it’s not much of a palace, more a series of inter-connecting ice caverns beneath the glacier.

ice palace-2

Cutesy ice sculpture decorates numerous alcoves.

ice palace-4

The floor was a bit slippery but it was dry inside despite the shiny surfaces.

ice palace-6

The walls of the glacier tunnel looked like marble from a distance.

ice palace-3

We thought this might be Sherlock Holmes (smoking a pipe) or the king of the palace.

ice palace-5

There are numerous caves and dark passages. The Ice Palace is bigger than the Mer de Glace ice caves near Chamonix – see our earlier post here.

ice palace-8

The Ice Palace is a touristy thing so all the diversions get you safely back to the exit.

ice palace-7

What’s that directly below the viewing area ?


Zooming in reveals the structure as an “escalator” serving a sledding area. No need to pull the sled back up the hill.


There is really so much winter sporty things to do up here even in the summer.

But it’s time to go down hill and head home. More to come.


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