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There were so much to see at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 in Milano. I will have quite a few posts …

Poliform was one of the first showrooms I visited. From their very well designed web site :

Poliform’s history is that of a company, despite having achieved an international dimension, nonetheless it has maintained its family character. Established in 1970 as the evolution of a small artisan’s shop dating back to 1942, Poliform invested in new production technologies and the products have successfully evolved into functional and modular systems. 


The monochromatic concept looks cool but I am not sure if I want to live in the showcased interiors. The living room sofa set looks functional but lacks design flair. Overall, the ambience is too dark.


Their design would really work well in a NYC loft space with triple height ceiling. On their web site, they explain:

Poliform’s comprehensive production range carries with it the design idea of a ‘Poliform house’ with stylistically compatible component parts; a ‘global project’ for each architectural situation thanks to the exceptional versatility of its modular systems. 


Not sure about the book shelf/display unit below. It looks nice in a company’s corporate library but at home ?


Their marble tables looked really good, thin and crispy top with interesting legs, especially this quasi-square coffee table.


Poliform acquired Varenna in 1996. I have always been impressed by Varenna’s dark wood, black-and-white marble, and stainless steel look of their kitchens. Check out Varenna’s web site here.


The monochromatic concept is much more palatable when it is in the kitchen where I expect the food to provide the color in the foreground.


No one would have the same storage jars, cups and bottles.


Their interior and kitchen catalogs were among the most informative and substantial.


I loved the stainless steel backsplash (which we had in Edgewater) and marble work top (our next kitchen) ?


Varenna’s look is very industrial, reminding me of restaurant kitchen, including the galleys we visited on a cruise ship, see our post here.

poliform-11Overall, Varenna’s kitchen works for me but not the Poliform home as showcased in the Salone. Nevertheless, I like their overall aesthetic principles.



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