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Continuing with photos from the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 …

Guess which fashion designers were milking more revenue from its famous brand name by selling furniture ?


Here’s Versace. Well, he left the planet. So why not ?

designers-12Can’t miss the signature panthers.


Fendi. They have separate entrances for architects (on the left), Club Prestige (!) members (in the middle) and (mere) visitors (see the signs below the Fendi sign). The doorman-velvet rope phenomenon lives on …


Bentley managed to attract a crowd outside its door with a convertible, and they were doing the doorman thing too … look at him dancing …


Ungaro was there with proper wall treatment up front  (… unlike Bentley’s white walls )


Diesel has a large pavilion …


… and a pop/age reference ?


Missoni was there looking so Brazilian …


… and so very casual


These two rooms are by Blumarine. There was hardly any design in the furniture, except textile design.


A Chinese gentleman was showing great interest in this set of communist red-big flower print sofa.

designers-18Last but not least, Pierre Cardin was evidently still around.


No. I did not see Casa Armani in the Salone. Well, they have a whole building in downtown Milano. See the post on Manzoni 31 from our last trip.

Lots more photos to come …



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