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The five hundredth post !   500th !

Can you believe it ? Frankly, I find it hard to believe that this blog has been continuing thus far.




Except in the first few months after the launch of the blog, there are usually 10-15 photos per post. Roughly, there must be nearly 5,000 uploaded photos now. What is sustaining it ? The blog must be serving some purposes – a way to stay in touch with families and friends, a public photo album, a kind of travel diary, or a creative outlet. Well, the photos on this blog has been pinned on Pinterest many times (particularly my picture of the Duomo in Milan).


Over the Loire



The maintenance of a personal blog is very much a 21st century hobby. According to WordPress’s statistics, the blog has managed to attract on average in the last year about 50 views per day. And I receive comments from you guys once in a while. You know who you are and thank you very much. With your comments, I know someone is reading and responding to the content, and it is not just some random hits sent by a search engine because of a key word match.


Sunrise at Mount Teton



I will continue with the blog but also start thinking about changing something. Possibly a different layout theme ? Perhaps I may post less frequently but write better and pick fewer but more striking photos, possibly in a larger format. Another change could be to diversify the topics. It has become very travel-oriented because photos are easy to accumulate and we enjoy traveling. In the beginning, it was a bit food-focused (food porn was “in” at that time). There were also some music-related posts and even one or two product reviews.


Chez Ron & Betty



Unfortunately, it takes time to make these changes and I don’t have much time to spare. May be I will stick with something minor – like adding a Pin it button or a share button for FB.





Any way, thank you for visiting and come back again. Do leave me a comment.


Buenos Aires ? (I cannot remember)



Cheers to more adventures !



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  1. Congrats! Please keep posting. Let me know next time when you guys are in NY and may be we could meet up.

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