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During the week of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the Triannale di Milano held a number of special exhibitions. One of them concerns the city of Milan itself.

milan id-2

According to its web site  > here, it’s all about Milano,

The exhibition presents the historic signs and symbols of Milan, illustrating what the city has become today in the collective imagination through the evolution of its coat of arms and of the symbols of the city and its community. It also includes the faces of important native and adoptive Milanese, the city’s great artistic icons, and profiles of significant historical and modern buildings.

milano id-20


Here’s a sample of what I saw.


milan id-13

The specially commissioned graphics poster were displayed on a platform with slowly rotating easels.

milan id-4

Haha …  the furniture exhibition !

milan id-6


milan id-7


milano id-22


milan id-8

Last Supper.

milano id-23


La Cotoletta alla milanese (similar to Wiener Schnitzel except the italian version is cooked and served with the bone in). See our post here about what we had in Vienna.

milano id-21


I have seen some of these painting in the Museo Novocento next to the Duomo during my last visit. See my blog posts about that museum here and here.

milan id-12


milan id-11

Achille Castglioni is one of the few names I recognized. He designed our flatware.

milan id-10


The exhibition poster.

milan id-1

Viva Milano.

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