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This is the penultimate blog post on the Salone. The exhibition halls at the Salone that show furniture were divided into 3 sections: design, moderno and classico. The classico section occupied Hall 1 to 4.

classic salone-3

The distinction between the designer and moderno sections were less clear cut, although the latter only occupied Hall 14 and 18. But the classic section was very clearly different.

classic salone-8

One big difference was the lack of crowds. The aisles were quiet that one really feels like being inside a giant warehouse.

classic salone-9

The exhibitors have names that I have never heard of. I guess many of them create custom pieces for private clients and not the mass market.

classic salone-2

These exhibitors do not show their products to the passing public as they hide everything behind paneled walls. Viewable by invitation only ?!

classic salone-7

Looked like the exhibitors in the classic section cater mostly to the oligarchs, sheiks, princelings, and  techbillionaires.

classic salone-6

These exhibitors definitely did not like visitors to take photos. This saleswoman wearing a ball gown was staring to discourage me from photographing their white fake goddess columns.

classic salone-5

It is a whole different world of tastes in Hall 1 to 4 !

classic salone-1


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