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This is my last post on the Salone. I am sure many of you had seen enough of my furniture pictures on this blog. Just in case you want to start from the beginning, click here.

salone hilights -19

Before I put up pictures of my trip in Kòln, Germany, here are some more stuff that I saw in Milano.

salone hilights -13

This room caught my eye especially the chandeliers.

salone hilights -10

Designer pieces.

salone hilights -9

Molteni & C

salone hilights -11

Zaha Hadid’s home at the “Where Architects Live” (Dove vivono gli architetti) exhibition

salone hilights -15

Roche Bobois

salone hilights -17

Clever wallpaper (including fake fireplace)

salone hilights -21

Graphic wallpaper

salone hilights -18

Minimal kitchen – so much so that it looks like the bedroom.

salone hilights -20

Furniture for a nightclub

salone hilights -12

“Kitchen, Soul, Design” (L’Italia che Vive)  360 degree view + surround sound media

salone hilights -14


It was an eye-opening, feet-killing, exhaustive day but it was worth it. Ciao.


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