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I (Chris) wanted to visit Köln because it is another big city in Germany (No.4 by population). I liked Berlin (No. 1) and Munich (No. 3) and wanted to see more urban life in Germany. You will see it in the next few posts.

Köln is a very compact cityas far as tourists are concerned, because most of the sights are clustered around the main train station and the cathedral (Dom). The train station and the Dom are both next to a bridge that crosses the Rhine.


belgian quarter-5


Here’s my theory: Köln is big enough of a city where a critical mass of like-minded people congregate to form a neighborhood with a distinct identity/culture.  New York has enough people to support many such neighborhoods – e.g., East village, Astoria, Harlem, etc. Alright, I sound too serious or am just stating the obvious here.


belgian quarter-16


Any way, Cologne has the Belgian Quarter (Belgisches Viertel) which is situated within the inner city boundary and within walking distance from the main streets and pedestrianized shopping areas (on the other side of the Hohenzollering).


belgian quarter-11


The best way to characterize the area is that it is the Greenwich Village of Cologne. Brüsseler and Antwerpener strasses.


belgian quarter-14


At the heart of the Belgian Quarter is the Brüsseler Platz, or Brussels Square, dominated by St Michael’s Church, built around 1910.


belgian quarter-12


belgian quarter-9


Here are some of the businesses in the area.

Madam Miammiam cakeshop

belgian quarter-13

Monsieur Courbet record shop

belgian quarter-10

RockOn cafe (?)

belgian quarter-15


One of the main streets of Köin – Aachener strasse – forms the southern border of this neighborhood and is lined with restaurants.


belgian quarter-8


I had lunch here. Herr Pimock – bar food, friendly, casual.


belgian quarter-2


Filmkunst 27 is probably the best looking video rental shop I have visited. Initially I thought they sell Apple products and software but no …

Did rental service not disappear a decade ago?  This shop seems to specialize in hard-to-find, cult movies – all titles are sorted by the movie director and grouped according to the country of origin.


belgian quarter-6


This cafe (Salon Schmitz) and its sister eatery (Metzgerei Schmitz) next door on Aachener strasse are best known for the ambience, the artists and the art it showcases.

belgian quarter-4


I had dinner here – on the edge of the Belgian Quarter – Colina at Flandrische strasse, the steaks are recommendable.


belgian quarter-7


More pictures about the shops in the area to come.

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  1. History question: why did Belgians live in Cologne?

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